Cercasi giovani italiani di età compresa tra 18 e 30 anni per realizzare un'esperienza di volontariato di sei mesi presso l'associazione 
WILD CARPATHIA a Sighisoara, Romania

Data inizio attività: 01.11.2014 

Data fine attività: 01.05.2015

Tematica del progetto: Salute e benessere

Breve descrizione del progetto in inglese:

With HEAL project we aim to train 14 EVS volunteers as HEALTH promoters and show the new age opportunities for being healthy for the local community.
The volunteers will learn how to eat healthy, how to do efficient sport, how to make a massage as treatment, what are the benefits of the medical gymnastics and kinetotherapy and how to practice them, what is chiropractic and what they need to make from this a real profession, how brain works and why is important to really know yourself, what are the best ways to socialize and fit into society. They will know at the end of the project how to use these skills for themselves and how to use them in helping others around them in improving their life.

We will host 14 young people from 4 different countries (Italy-6 persons, Spain-4 persons, Estonia – 2 persons and Lithuania – 2 persons) for 6 months in Sighisoara, Romania.

The volunteers will be the main communication channel and the best example for the local community.

The project objectives are:
1. Developing communication skills for the EVS volunteers
2. Organizing 8 public events on health topics
3. Learn how to have a healthy life

By participating in this project the volunteers will:
- learn how to create a perfect frame for teaching others their knowledge
- learn how to prepare the necessary support documents for any type of healthy life initiative
- find out how to use the 21st Century medical discoveries for their own health
- receive all the necessary info for starting a new career in the medical field (therapy, massage, chiropractic, coaching, etc.)
- learn how to communicate effectively
- understand their life from another point of view and will know how and what to do to improve it

Activities organized by the volunteers:
1. Outdoor sport activities with youngsters and children
2. A web-site + Facebook page
3. Healthy lifestyle workshops
4. Own initiatives connected with the project relevant topic

Activities for the volunteers provided by Wild Carpathia team and local partners:
1. Welcome training – general info
2. Romania language courses (weekly)
3. Individual and group life coaching (monthly)
4. Contests with prizes(weekly)
5. Learning classes- trainings delivered by a specialized doctor or therapist (monthly)
6. Surprise trips